The Goulstone Family

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This branch of the Goulstone family hails from Bexley in the county of Kent in the United Kingdom, but is now quite widespread.

The grandparents, William and Laura Goulstone, lived there for over 50 years, until Laura's death in 2001. William then lived in residential homes in Westerham and Ashhurst Park in Kent, until his death in December of 2007. He was 93.

The eldest brother Bryan, and his wife Dianne, now live in Christchurch (New Zealand) and have done so for over thirty years. They have two daughters, Sarah, who still lives in New Zealand, and Laura, who lives in Sydney, Australia. They also have one grandchild, David, who is Sarah's son.

Chunky (aka Denis), is the second son, and he and his wife Heather live near Sevenoaks in Kent (England). They have three grown-up children, Rebecca, Nicola and William.

Jeremy (your author) lives in Canberra, Australia with his wife Stephanie. They have one child, their daughter Emma.

The youngest in the family is Gig (aka Glenys). After serving with an international mission agency in East Asia for 15 years, she moved to southern California in 2001 where she is involved in recruitment and training. She enjoys the multicultural environment, the great weather and wide open spaces!

These pages are to allow all of us to distribute news and views, pictures and comments between ourselves. Strangers are welcome to browse and take from them what they will...

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